Watermelon and Orange Cooler – A Super Delicious Fruit Drink

Watermelon And Orange Cooler
Watermelon And Orange Cooler

Watermelon and Orange Cooler

This is one nourishing drink that is a combination of two super fruits – Watermelon and Orange and is on the top of my must have summer drinks.

Though best eaten in their basic form, the juices of these two fruits are equally nutritious and so I thought of mixing these two nourishing juices to make a delicious drink.

Why are cool drinks important?

The summer heat makes our body lose lots of fluids and we need to stay hydrated. Water does not provide nutrition that is lost due to sweating. We need to consume other liquids too.

Thus, cold drinks are the best way to stay hydrated. But make sure they are not carbonated.

You can make healthy fruit drinks easily at home with fruits that have high water content.

Fruits with high water Content

  1. Watermelon is one fruit that should not be missed during the hot summer days. It is the coolest fruit with nearly 91% Water and 9% Sugar and has many health benefits. Listing some below:
    1. Watermelon keeps you hydrated
    2. Helps prevent Cancer
    3. Improves Heart health
    4. Helps relieve muscle soreness
    5. Is good for skin, hair and digestion
  1. Orangesare refreshing citrus fruits packed with around 87% water and have many health benefits:
    1. Tangerines are a great source of Vitamin C and provide antioxidants.
    2. Fight skin diseases.
    3. Heals cuts and wounds.
    4. Improves digestion
    5. High fiber content helps bowel movements
  2. Papaya is a very tasty fruit that contains almost 88% water. It is very beneficial to health:
    1. It is rich in fiber
    2. It is rich in anti-oxidants
    3. Helps prevent cholesterol build-up
    4. Boosts immunity
    5. Helps control weight
  1. Mangoes are the most loved summer fruit with 83% water. This amazing fruit has many health benefits:
    1. Helps for a smooth bowel movement
    2. Loaded with anti-oxidants
    3. Help boost immunity
    4. Are good for the eyes
    5. Help maintain cholesterol levels

There are many fruits that you can have in summer that help in maintaining the water levels of the body. Most can be eaten raw and some can be used to make delicious juices too. You can drink juices of most fruits as is or try a combination too!

Whatever form you have your fruits and juices in, make sure you don’t overdo it as it can lead to unwanted health problems.


Here is my recipe of one of my favorite summer drinks – Watermelon and Orange Cooler.

Watermelon and Orange Cooler

A delicious and nourishing drink.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes
Servings 2 Glasses
Author Anuya


  • 2 Cups De-seeded Cubed Watermelon
  • 1 Cup Orange juice I have used packed juice. You can make this recipe with fresh juice too.
  • Salt to taste Optional
  • 1 Tsp Roasted Cumin seeds
  • Ice cubes Optional


  • Blend the watermelon cubes in a blender. Mix it with all the other ingredients together in a bowl. Take 2-3 ice cubes in a glass and pour the juice over it. Serve chilled.
    Watermelon And Orange Cooler


The juice tastes best when served immediately.

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