Tulsi Honey Chamomile Tea

After a hectic start to the day, relaxing with a cup of Tulsi Honey Chamomile Tea.
Tulsi, otherwise known as holy basil, is known for its healing power, and it has a rich history. It is an aromatic herb found in almost all Indian homes.
Tulsi is known for its medicinal properties and is used as a remedy for stress, anxiety, fatigue, cold and cough and many more.
Honey, as we all know, is produced by bees and has many medicinal properties. Honey is the way to go not just to replace sugar, but to add nutrition and wellness to your life.
It helps fight allergies, is an energy booster, is a cough suppressant, can be used as a moisturizer to add a glow to the skin and much more.
Chamomile is renowned for its medicinal properties and beauty benefits. Chamomile tea is golden in color and has a delicious fruity flavor. It is a natural cleanser and eases various health concerns such as stomach disorders, anxiety, insomnia and much more.
Information Source: The Internet
I bought my Tulsi Honey Chamomile tea from the super market. I hope the benefits inspire you to try it. Have a relaxed day.