Summer Special Cool Drinks – 5 Quick and Easy Recipes

Summer Special Cool Drinks
Summer Special Cool Drinks

Homemade cold drinks are a great way to beat the summer heat. They’re healthy, easy to prepare, and can keep you hydrated for hours. You can also make them to share with friends and family.

Soda is a staple beverage during the summer, but if you want to stay healthy, try these homemade summer special cool drinks instead. You’ll be surprised by how refreshing and nourishing they can be. Here are a few delicious, healthy recipes that promise to keep you fresh and hydrated.

Summer in India

Summer is one of three temperate seasons in India. Day length is the longest and darkest hours are the shortest. It is also characterized by the summer solstice, when the sun rises early and sets late.

The summer season in the Northern Hemisphere lasts for four months from March to June. It also has the earliest sunrises and the latest sunsets, and the longest daylight hours of the year.

Summer and hydration

There are several ways to stay hydrated during the summer season. One of the easiest ways to do this is to eat summer fruits. These delicious fruit juices give your body an instant boost of energy, reduce tiredness and fatigue, and keep your system hydrated. In addition, they help cool the body. These healthy foods are also packed with antioxidants and have a high nutritional value. So, you can keep yourself hydrated while working during the summer.

Beat the heat with fruits

The best way to beat the heat of the summer is to eat a lot of fruit. It is recommended to eat fresh seasonal fruits in the mornings and early afternoons.

During the hot summer months, your body will naturally sweat more. You can also take a cool drink like lime water to help cool your body. These foods will keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day and prevent you from becoming sick or dehydrated.

Fruits like watermelon, musk melon and papaya are high in water which help keep your body cool and are good for your gastrointestinal health.

Find here some fruits and their benefits listed for you to eat fresh or make some summer special cool drinks.



This summertime treat is one of nature’s most versatile fruits. It is available year-round, but its production peak occurs in the summer.

Watermelon has a high water content with vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in antioxidants which may play a therapeutic role against cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. 

One of the most important benefits of watermelon is its high water content. It also contains lots of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Its high content of antioxidants can prevent oxidative damage in the body.

In addition to its antioxidant properties, watermelon contains amino acids, which can help break down foods, repair damaged tissue, and regulate blood pressure

The best ways to enjoy a juicy watermelon are to cut and eat or make a delicious juice. You can even mix it with some other fruit juice to make a flavorful mocktail.



Coconut,wchich is mainly grown in the coastal regions of India is famous for its hydrating properties. This is the best natural drink you can have.

This bright green colored fruit is an excellent source of fat. During the hot summer days this can be a great addition to your favorite salads and smoothies.

Coconut is rich in fibre and can help fight heart ailments, diabetes and weight issues.

Coconuts also have many vitamins and minerals that can improve your health. 

Coconut water found in young green coconuts is very tasty and refreshing. It helps keep the body hydrated and is also good to keep the skin moisturised.



The nutritional benefits of lemon juice are well known. They contain high levels of vitamin C and flavonoids, which are antioxidants that help your body fight off free radicals.

This citrus fruit is also an excellent source of fiber. This makes the fruit very beneficial to your health.

The vitamin C in the lemon is also helpful in treating chronic inflammation, which is linked to obesity. It is also helpful in suppressing your appetite and improving your overall exercise. 



Kokum, also known as garcinia indica, this plant is a member of the mangosteen family. It is a bitter, sour berry that looks like brown husks and stains water red.

The fruit is mostly consumed in dried form and has industrial, pharmaceutical, and culinary uses. 

The berries are used as an additive to many dishes, smoothies and beverages.

The skin benefits of kokum fruit are numerous. The dried kokum fruit is a dark purple color and is useful for improving digestive ability. It can also treat rashes and burns.

If you’re suffering from hyperacidity, a high amount of kokum fruit juice can be an effective cure. The fresh fruit contains high amounts of serotonin, a mood-enhancing hormone that boosts positive feelings. The serotonin stimulates brain activity, which drives away negative feelings. If you are experiencing a low mood, drinking kokum juice is a great way to improve your mood.



A Mango is a tropical stone fruit that is believed to have originated in the region between north-eastern India and north-western Myanmar. It is known for its sweet, sour, and tart taste. 

A mango can be eaten fresh, or prepared into a variety of dishes. 

Its high fiber content may also protect you from gastrointestinal conditions. Regardless of how you prepare it, mango is an amazing snack or addition to a healthy diet. And it’s a great treat. You can’t go wrong with a mango.

The fruit contains over 20 valuable nutrients. It contains half your daily recommended vitamin C and half of your daily recommended vitamin A. These nutrients help prevent cancer and protect the heart.

Summer Special Cool drinks

While fruit juices are very common and easy to make, there are some summer special cool drinks that you can make, using these fruits, easily at home.

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