With summers setting in, our body, obviously, feels the need to have something cool. At such times, a cool refreshing Koshimbir/Salads can be a great option.

Koshimbir is a traditional Maharashtrian dish which is nothing but a salad in which mostly yogurt or groundnut powder is used along with vegetables  like onions, tomatoes and cucumbers. Koshimbir does not need any cooking and so is rich in nutrients and light on the stomach.

For us, Koshimbir is a must have everyday and it has to be a different one each day 😉 I am sharing with you four of my favorite combinations here:

  1. Tomato Onion Koshimbir
  2. Mulyachi Koshimbir
  3. Tomato Koshimbir
  4. Cabbage Koshimbir/Salad