My Story

I would like to blog about my journey with food. How it all started and how I became a, as my hubby puts it, ‘great cook’.

I came to Mumbai for my industrial training. During the six month period, I ate at multiple restaurants and road side stalls. Later when I started working, I stayed as a paying guest. The places were good to stay but we were not provided home cooked food. After tough four years, I found a post from a young lady that read “Roommate Wanted”. After I moved in with them, the biggest challenge was to cook food. I had never cooked before and now I had to learn! Else I would again have to survive on unhealthy restaurant food. Thus began my “Journey with Food”.

After many failures, I finally learnt how to cook. In fact, I started to find it interesting. As my roomies were food fanatics, I got plenty of opportunities of satisfying their taste buds with my experiments. All three of us belonged to different regions of the country and so got to learn a lot from each other. Learning different ways of cooking the same dish was fun.

I started finding recipes on Facebook, magazines, cook books and learnt many from mom over the phone. I tried. Failed. Improvised. Cooking time became fun. I loved to alter the recipes to fit to my taste and make them more easier to prepare.

I love to cook and will be sharing simple, easy to prepare home food -ghar ka khana – recipes here. I would like to share everything – right from basics – with you.

As I am a Maharashtrian, my focus would be on sharing the delicacies of the state along with their importance and facts about the ingredients.

I am blessed to have my mother-in-law belonging to Andhra Pradesh/Telangana and my mom belonging to Uttar Pradesh. So, I will also focus on sharing recipes from these two states.

I will try and make healthy recipes, keeping in mind today’s changing lifestyle and the requirement to eat healthy. I will also try and share the health benefits of each of my recipe along with some simple and interesting tips.

Meet the Team

Anuya Umate


Anuya was born in a Maharashtrian food loving family. Her mother is an excellent cook. She loves to see everyone enjoy the meals she cooks. She believes in cooking without compromising the real taste of the main elements. For her, Taste Matters the most. Anuya has inherited these qualities of her mother and is here to share her secrets to cooking a great meal in simple steps.

Aniruddha Umate


Aniruddha is a Chartered Accountant and a fan of his wife’s cooking. It was he who inspired Anuya to share her recipes with the world.